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Sore Joint Rub “Healing”




  • No burn or unpleasant odor
  • Made with a proprietary blend of Navajo herbs
  • Convenient .75oz travel size tin
  • Handmade in Tucson AZ at our own processing facility
  • 100% Wild crafted, Organic & Natural ingredients
  •  0% chemical preservatives or synthetics

This Healing salve offers help for one our World’s most common ailments without the use of chemicals or other ingredients that heat or burn the skin.  The Healing properties of this rub/salve come from a proprietary blend of Navajo herb’s hand gathered in a traditional way, from the wilds of Arizona..  When rubbed into the skin the plants natural heating qualities penetrate, giving relief for Arthritis pain as well as relaxing tight muscles.  Combined, these plants also provide a pleasant natural aroma that is soothing in its own way.



Weather you believe the healing powers of herbs come from plant spirit’s or chemical compounds that form as part of a plants natural defense against insects or a combination of both or maybe that it can only explained by scientific analysis or possibly that Creator/God only knows, this rub/salve has proved its effectiveness and is the best selling product that we produce.


  • This rub/salve can be used as often as needed.
  • Rub in for at least 30 seconds
  • Can be used in conjunction with a hot bath, shower or sauna
  •  Use more or less depending on the level of pain

A couple of differences between a salve and a cream are texture and strength. Just in case you were about to ask the most asked question we hear. Our salve and cream are both mediums to deliver herbal healing properties to the body. A cream by its nature is more nurturing and penetrates into the body more effectively. While a salve has more bang for the buck as far as raw healing power goes but it might just take a little more rubbing to get it to absorb as deeply you might need it. In other words, a horse horses, a chimp chimps, people peepulate (new word) and the sun and moon hang out in the sky, all quite natural really. Please just use your common sense when trying to decide. A lot of it is just personal preference. That goes for the massage oil as well.


Proprietary blend of Navajo herbs, gathered in traditional way.

High grade bees wax

African shea nut butter

Organic sunflower and jojoba oils

T-50 vitamin E oil(naturally derived and suitable for use in Organic products).


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